Warsaw, Poland — Senior Catholics see the beatification of 10 Polish nuns murdered by Russian soldiers at the end of World War II as highlighting the need for radical Christian witness while offering a prophetic reminder of current sufferings in Ukraine.
ETHIOPIAN Cardinal Berhaneyesus Demerew Souraphiel landed in Australia just in time to watch Election Day 2022 unfold.
He graduated from the Theological Institute of Saint Sergius in Paris in 1978. He was ordained a deacon on 27 September 1974 and a presbyter on 18 January 1981.
The Church of Ukraine under Metropolitan Epifaniy responds sceptically to the announcements of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church led by Metropolitan Onufriy regarding its autonomy and independence from the Patriarchate of Moscow.
Patriarch Kirill said Sunday that the Russian Orthodox Church "understands" a decision by its branch in Ukraine to cut ties amid Moscow's offensive in the pro-Western country.
Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili on Sunday extended his gratitude to Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem and Cristophorus, the Archbishop of the Jordanian Orthodox Church, for the handover of a plot of land to Georgia for creation of a culture centre near the Jordan River.
Moscow, May 30, Interfax - Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia commented for the first time on the outcomes of the recent Council of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) after the liturgy at the Christ the Savior Cathedral on Sunday.

"We fully understand how the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is suffering today. We are sympathetic that His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry and the episcopate should act as wisely as possible today in order not to complicate the lives of its faithful people," the patriarch said after the liturgy at the Christ the Savior Cathedral on Sunday.

Last Friday, the UOC Council of Bishops disagreed with Patriarch Kirill's stance on the Russian military special operation in Ukraine and endorsed amendments to the charter, which, as announced, make the UOC independent. Later it became known that not all dioceses, in particular the Donetsk and Crimean dioceses, backed the amendments to the UOC charter and, respectively, the independent status will not affect the entire Ukrainian Church.

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His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry of Kiev and All Ukraine commemorated all the primates of the Local Churches with whom the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is in communion during the Liturgy at the Kiev Caves Lavra today.

War In Ukraine Causes Global Food Shortage

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has had economic repercussions around the world, and it’s creating a food shortage. Russia and Ukraine are both key agricultural suppliers, and the ongoing conflict has only served to highlight the fragility of the global food-supply chain when two major players are essentially taken off the market.
First was his meeting with Archbishop Chrysostomos of Cyprus that took place in Cyprus, in the framework of the Orthodox Assembly of the World Council of Churches, despite the fact that the Church of Russia has interrupted the Eucharistic communion with the Archbishop of Cyprus, after the latter’s recognition of the Autocephalous Church of Ukraine.

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The war in Ukraine, the attitude of the Russian Orthodox Church, the role of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Hagia Sophia, and his forthcoming visit to Mount Athos were at the center of the interview given by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew “At the Center” of ERT1 and the journalist George Kouvaras.  In front of the Patriarchal Church and the courtyard of the Patriarchate, the Ecumenical Patriarch spoke about the war in Ukraine, following a question about the attitude of the Russian Church and Patriarch Kirill of Moscow towards the war and underlined:
The head of Serbia's Orthodox Church recognized the independence of the Orthodox Church in North Macedonia, signaling an end to a religious dispute dating back more than 50 years.
WARSAW, Poland — The president of the Polish bishops' conference criticized the Vatican's "naive and utopian" attitude to the war in Ukraine and urged Rome to show "greater maturity" in attitudes toward Russia.
ROME – Ukraine’s top Greek Catholic prelate has condemned the idea that the current war ravaging the country can be justified on grounds that Christian morality is being protected, saying the logic is similar to the fundamentalism espoused by Islamic terrorists.
YEREVAN, MAY 24, ARMENPRESS. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia Ararat Mirzoyan and Secretary for Relations with States within the Holy See's Secretariat of State, Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher exchanged messages today on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Armenia and the Holy See, the Armenian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The defendant was found guilty of voluntary homicide A court-ordered psychological assessment found him "responsible for his actions" CAIRO: An Egyptian court on Wednesday sentenced to death a man accused of the murder last month of a Coptic priest in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria, judicial sources said.
The Alexandria court’s ruling is subject to approval by the mufti of the republic.

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We ask for a thorough and urgent investigation of all the circumstances of her killing and for bringing those responsible to justice.

Des violences ont éclaté vendredi dans l'enceinte d'un hôpital à Jérusalem à la sortie du cercueil de la journaliste palestinienne Shireen Abu Akleh, tuée mercredi en Cisjordanie. Son cercueil a finalement été transporté vers la Vieille Ville où est célébrée une messe dans une église, avant l'inhumation dans un cimetière à proximité.
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The Assyrian Christian Mayor of Dadersh village in the Sarsank region of the Duhok governorate in Kurdistan, Iraq, and one other Assyrian Christian man named James Zaya, were arrested on 11 May after a group of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) loyalists tried to confiscate land belonging to local residents.
To His Holiness Tawadros II
Pope of Alexandria

The Ecumenical Patriarch in Saudi Arabia

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew departed today, Tuesday, May 10, 2022, for Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, in response to the kind invitation of the organizers of the “Meeting for the Promotion of Common Values between Religions” to address the opening of the international conference.   ...read more
By Marine Henriot & Linda Bordoni
Many countries in sub-Saharan Africa rely on Russia and Ukraine for a significant percentage of their wheat, fertilizers and vegetable oils imports, but the war has disrupted global commodity markets and trade flows to Africa, and increased high food prices.
By Lisa Zengarini
Lebanon is slated to hold a long-awaited parliamentary election on 15 May, which many Lebanese, as well as the international community, hope will bring an overdue political change and provide concrete solutions to the country’s multiple crises, including its worst economic tumble in decades.
Maronite Patriarch Beshara Al-Rai has called for “calming the southern front,” so that Lebanon, “under international auspices, resumes border demarcation negotiations with Israel.”
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI reportedly commented on the consequences of the Ukraine war during a meeting with Germany’s Bavarian minister of the interior on Sunday.
By Vatican News staff reporter
"Nothing is impossible for God" are the words contained in a Vatican communiqué, which states that the Holy See and the Pope join the UN appeal for a truce in view of Easter, which, according to the Julian calendar, is celebrated on 24 April.
Addis Ababa (Agenzia Fides) - "Faith in the Resurrection of Christ gives every Christian and all humanity the strength to conquer all evil and sin", said Cardinal Berhaneyesus in the official message delivered to all public and private media regarding the Ethiopian Easter which will be celebrated on Sunday, April 24 2022.
The Ethiopian Catholic Metropolitan, who is also President of the Ethiopian Bishops' Conference, called on all people of good will to pray, especially for those affected by the war, on Ethiopian Good Friday, which will be celebrated throughout the country on April 22, 2022 in a spirit of great spirituality .
"Today, through the cross of Christ, we can conquer hatred with love, revenge with forgiveness, pain with joy, conflict with dialogue, perseverance with perseverance and Christian hope", reads the note sent to Fides by the Catholic Secretariat of the Ethiopian Bishops' Conference.

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WWC, Messaggio Pasquale

To a very large extent, today we feel this same despair. As we look around, we see only signs of destruction and death. The victims of economic and ecological injustices are increasing throughout the world. The pandemic has widened the gap between rich and poor, between powerful and vulnerable.


Jerusalem (AFP) – Churches in Jerusalem are up in arms against Jewish "radicals" who are settling in the Christian Quarter and threatening a fragile religious balance in the ancient Holy City.
Jerusalem (AFP) – Greek Orthodox Church leaders on Tuesday denounced what they called the "illegal" takeover by Israeli "extremists" of a Jerusalem hostel operated by Palestinians.
It said members of the settler organisation Ateret Cohanim broke into the east Jerusalem property on Sunday, in addition to a neighbouring money change shop, and received Israeli police protection despite possessing no eviction notice.

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