Saint Nicholas: relics returned to Bari by Russia. Msgr. Cacucci: “A great experience of faith and ecumenism of the people”

San Nicola ritorno a BariThe relics of St Nicholas – which had left the city of Bari, Italy, past May 21st, for the first time in 930 years (after the Translation from Turkey in 1087) - will be returned to Bari , which the bishop of Myra is Patron Saint of, on Friday July 28. Displayed first in Moscow and later in St. Petersburg, the Relics of Saint Nicholas will return to the Basilica in the Italian city after two months and seven days. 
Two-kilometres-long lines, lasting an average of nine and half hours, along with numerous prayers, have accompanied over two million Russian pilgrims in the veneration, in Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, and in St. Petersburg, in the monastery of Aleksandr Nevskij, of a fragment of Saint Nicholas’ relics. In fact past May 21, for the first time in 930 years, the remains of the Bishop of Myra had temporarily left Bari’s Basilica that bears his name. On July 28 the relics of the Saint will be returned to Bari “escorted” by the President of the Pontifical Council for the promotion of Christian Unity cardinal Kurt Koch, by the Archbishop of Bari-Bitonto Francesco Cacucci, and by the prior of the Basilica Domenican Father.

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