senzatetto Russia in campeggioMoscow Caritas and Merci House, a Protestant residential home, offered a week in a camping site surrounded by nature to over sixty men and women living on the streets of the capital. Numerous volunteers shared acts of solidarity, faith and ecumenical spirit. Nadezhda Klyueva gave an account of the post-camping period, marked by new social rehabilitation and social integration proposals.
In the forest of Stupino, some one-hundred kilometres south of Moscow, approximately sixty men and women of all ages living in the streets of the capital have recently spent a week in a camping site surrounded by nature. “You are not alone”: is the name given to this initiative launched last year by Merci House, a Protestant residential home that accommodates 34 children, and by Caritas Moscow, united by th common wish to help the homeless. Some sixty volunteers guaranteed food services and daily management, including the “technical” aspects and the coordination of the programs.

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