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Donald Trump is not our saviour: A Palestinian priest’s perspective on Trump and Middle Eastern Christianity by Fr. Jamal Khader

Fr. Jamal KhaderAs the Trump Administration has announced its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman decided to use the Holy Sepulcher to make a political point in support of Israel’s control over the city.

He wished Christians a Happy Easter while tweeting that it was ‘encouraging to see religions coming together, flourishing, in Jerusalem’. Only a few days later he was silent when defenseless Palestinians were being killed for peacefully demonstrating in Gaza. This only confirms that his Easter tweet aimed at misleading the reality of the Israeli occupation.

The ‘March of Return’ that took place in Gaza is linked to the marking of 70 years of the Nakba. It is impossible to talk about the situation of Christians in the Holy Land without mentioning what happened in 1948 to dozens of Palestinian parishes, whose communities were expelled and never allowed to return. In 1948 Jerusalem had a population of about 31,000 Christians. Many of them became refugees during the Nakba and today the number has been decreased to less than 10,000.

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