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Pastoral Message of the Chaldean Martyrs Anniversary Friday 6 April 2018

Chaldean Martyrs AnniversaryPatriarch  louis raphael Sako   -  The commemoration of the martyrs of our Church takes place on the Friday following Easter, which means it comes within the celebration of the Easter-Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Historically,

our Church has been generous in shedding blood for the sake of faith, such as Mar Shimon Barssaba’i and his companions in early centuries, followed by Bishops: Adday Sher, Jacob Abraham, Thomas Audo and hundreds of others. As well as the unforgettable genocide in 1915 and recently in 2008 Archbishop Faraj Rahho, Father Ragheed Kenny, their comrades by the extremists of Al-qaeda.

The resurrection and the blood of the martyrs are a source of inspiration and have a spiritual values ​​that fills our life with hope, human dignity, tolerance and peace. Our nation will rise up and get rid of all forms of terrorism, killing, destruction and displacement, and will enjoy security, stability, economic and social prosperity

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