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Homeless people to receive Covid-19 vaccines in the Vatican during Holy Week

vaccinesThe Office of Papal Charities is working to ensure that the vulnerable and marginalized in society have access to Covid-19 vaccines. 1200 people will have the opportunity of being vaccinated in the Vatican during Holy Week.

By Vatican News staff writer

As the world continues to adopt measures to combat the ongoing health emergency, the Office of Papal Charities, in response to Pope Francis's numerous appeals that no one be excluded from receiving the Covid-19 vaccines, is taking action to accompany the most vulnerable.

A statement released on Friday said that during Holy Week, 1200 of the poorest and most marginalized people will have the opportunity of getting vaccinated with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine – the same vaccine administered to the Pope and the employees of the Holy See.

The vaccines will be administered in a specially designed facility inside the Paul VI Hall in the Vatican. The medical doctors and health workers involved in the process include volunteers who work in the “Madre di Misericordia” mobile health clinic located under the Bernini colonnade, employees of the Vatican’s Directorate of Health and Hygiene, as well as volunteers from the Medicina Solidale Institute and Rome's Spallanzani Hospital.

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